1000w EU DE digital ballast

More thermal aluminum chips, increased heat dissipation area. Internally filled thermal glue for excellent work. Spraying process to surface scrub effect with white. All content or logo use silk screen. It suitable for most US standard and DE EU specification 1000w lamp. it is the most of durable ballast on the market.

Indoor plant lighting fixtureshydroponics environmental controllers systems


Top design and well-made. They are the most reliable and durable ballast on the market. They run HPS, MH, AND CMH Lamps. Value for money in indoor garden growing.

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Timer Relay

okayhydro timers are used to control lighting, CO2 devices, fans, pumps or any other timing need your garden may require. reliability heavy duty contactor & internal wiring Professional timer

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Lighting Controller

Control multiple lights with safety and ease. Built to last, the light controller feature premium quality components and a durable enclosure.

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Environmental & Master Controller

Different controllers with each function. Indoor grow tent or indoor Temperatures, Humidity, lights, CO2 control.

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DWC System

Automatic circulating water system with power loss protection, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of vegetables and plants.

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