13A two fans speed controller


The unit is designed to control the temperature in a grow tent by adjusting two fans, one fan controlling the inlet air(cool) and one fan controlling the outlet air(hot). There is a temperature sensing probe with a 5mtr cable attached to the unit.

  • The fan controller is software controlledMax.
  • Unique design and robust plastic housing
  • Temperature and humidity display
  • Input: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Amps: 2x6.5Amps
  • Built to strict C.E. standards
  • PVC H05VV cable
  • There is a PCB within the unit with a processor to control the fan speeds so any change in fan speed is gradual, and the temperature is maintained to the level that is set by the control knob.
  • The three knobs on the front are for:
  • Knob 1 (left side)-setting fan speed
  • Knob 2 (middle)-setting the balance. between the inlet and outlet fan to set the air pressure in the tent
  • Knob 3 (right side)-setting the desired temperature
  • Product warranty:2 years
  • Color: black
Packaging details
  • 13A Two Fans speed controller timer
  • Qty: 16PCS
  • N.W.: 16KGS
  • G.W.: 22KGS
  • MEAS: 57.5X52.5X44.3CM

Additional Information