DWC Buckets System


In the DWC buckets system, all the buckets are connected to a control unit using 22mm flexible food grade pipe. Intergrating patented sealing glands. Professional timer and magnetic float valves.

Each bucket system comes complete with a set of the necessary pipework, fittings and tank.

The DWC buckets system is sold with or without an equivalent air kit which includes an air pump, manifold, air-line, and air stones.

The DWC buckets system is available in the following layouts.

  • 6 buckets (100L Tank)
  • 12 buckets (225L Tank)
  • 18 buckets (400L Tank)
  • 24 buckets (500L Tank)
  • 36 buckets (750L Tank)
  • Tank material: heavy-duty UV-resistant 500D PVC tarpaulin
  • Head Bucket: 32L bucket with timer controller and bucket lid
  • Water Pump: Output 1000L/H, H-max: 1.6M, Power 22w 230V/50hz
  • 24Hr Timer: With power-off memory. Minimum setting time 15minutes, Maximum setting time 24 hours.
  • 20L Bucket: Pre-Punched lids. Net pots, top125xBottom125xHigh96
  • 32mm Eblow: Plastic
  • pipe: ∅22mm, ∅18mm.
  • Air Pump: 20w, 230v/50Hz
  • Air Stone: ∅20mm
  • Air Manifold: Equal tee air manifold
  • White Airline: ∅4mm

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